Niki, 44 *artist
wants to market his works of art digitally, while strengthening his community loyalty and securing his resale rights.

Problem: The creation of a token without external support is a great challenge for artists.

Problem: Ambiguities with contract-, usage- and commercial law for digital art, prevent Niki from implementing new ideas.

Problem: A digital business model, including sales, without expertise or a digital sales channel, is associated with a very high level of effort.

Goals of the artists
and the SimplyTokenized solutions


Opening up new markets with digital business models

Solution: Simply Tokenized makes it possible to secure art by using NTFs. Digitization creates a new form of the art market, which gives rise to new business models.


Financial resilience through new revenue streams

Solution: The SimplyTokenized platform and processes simplify trading and involve the community at the same time. This makes it easy to address new target groups.


Protection of image rights & protection against forgery

Solution: NFT artwork cannot be removed from the blockchain or modified. All information is stored decentrally, which means that counterfeiting of digital works can be almost completely ruled out.

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Advantages for Niki

Easy creation of tokens

SimplyTokenized enables NFTs to be created easily. "Non-Fungible Tokens" are unique collector's items and can be collected, exchanged, transferred or traded by various art enthusiasts.

Use of existing digital sales platforms

NFT art can be traded more easily than analog art around the world. Platforms and digital sales processes are necessary for this, and these can be accessed with SyimplyTokenized.

Empowerment of the artists

The tokenization secures the right of succession of the artists seamlessly through traceable provenance.

Digitize your art with SimplyTokenized
and create your NFT now!

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