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The big advantage is that digitization and standardization can reduce costs in terms of issuing and administration.

So it is about simplification that would not have been possible with the analogous financing. It only makes a small difference whether the ticket size is large or small.

This makes smaller-scale financing easier, which can be adapted much better to the company’s goals and ecosystem. Customers can become co-owners or lenders and thus become more tied to the company. Tokenization simply combines the advantages of crowdfunding and digitization in order to enable even more precisely tailored financing that reflects the interests of both sides.

This not only reduces the direct financing costs, but also the indirect setup costs. All transactions between the participants take place without intermediary intermediaries such as banks, notaries or states.

This renouncement of trust-building intermediaries and the resulting automation of business processes leads to time and cost savings.

With the Token-GmbH, hotel financing, for example, can be implemented easily and directly through the participation in the GmbH. This means that the tokens can be transferred at any time.

In the future, marketplaces will be developed where these holdings can also be sold between investors before the end of the investment period. With the solution from Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte / TPA Steuerberatung / Prodinger Group and SimplyTokenized, a complete package is offered with which the hotel no longer has to deal with every detail.

So this is about simplifying the administrative burden of financing. Nevertheless, individualizations in the contract can still be taken into account.

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