The new way of financing.

We help your business grow by facilitating successful community financing.


Are you bursting with innovative ideas? Are you working on solutions for the future? But you lack individual financing for the implementation?

Then SimplyTokenized is your partner for financial freedom, independence and entrepreneurial resilience. 

Through our platform, we provide entrepreneurs with the infrastructure they need to run and manage funding campaigns with your community.

Supported Blockchains:

All SimplyTokenized products are tokenized. 

This is what makes our financing offer so attractive and comes with lots of benefits.

Supported Standards:

Implemented projects:

Advantages of tokenization

Lower Costs

First-time enabling in new forms of financing

Legal Certainty

Regulation-compliant financing developed with European law firms


Traceable and unchangeable transactions


Internationalization and increased transaction speed


Tokens can be transferred worldwide and 24/7

New target groups

Tokenization enables a broader approach to new target groups (customers, suppliers, etc.)

The community is at the center

Your community is an essential part of your funding. 

Customers, suppliers and friends can become your investors. We enable the involvement and exchange with them, so that your goal is supported financially in the best possible way. The better your community is involved, the bigger and more sustainable your value creation will be.

Does your community already see you as a hero? If you are ready, then get in touch with us.



The token is the tool to dynamically connect your business with your community.

We are passionate about building the "SimplyTokenized" platform so that you can use new types of financing "simply".

Solutions for various industries


Art & Culture








Real Estate

Safety is the prerequisite!

DSGVO compliant

We treat all personal data in accordance with EU laws. 100% DSGVO compliant.

Technically compliant

For software compliance, everything is secured on the Amazon cloud.

"simply" implementation

We offer our customers a simple implementation of their ideas based on Ethereum, which is used worldwide.

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