Thomas, 46 * real estate developer
wants to add new properties to his portfolio and sell them to interested parties.

Problem: The processing of the transaction or the entire legal transaction is very time-consuming and expensive.

Problem: As a real estate developer, Simon bears a high level of risk when it comes to financing with his own equity.

Problem: External, classic financing means a lot of administrative effort and would not bring any additional non-financial benefit, so it would not promote the sale at the same time.

Goals of the real estate developers
and the SimplyTokenized solutions


Effective, fast & "simply" financing

Solution: Tokenization with SimplyTokenized speeds up the transaction or the entire legal transaction, as only the token has to be transferred in the final purchase price transaction.


Liquidity & security

Solution: The real estate token generated by Simply Tokenized embodies the value of the property in a company and can be deposited with the trustee as security before purchasing the property.


Extended holistic financing concept

Solution: In addition to existing investors and traditional financing, your own community and other new target groups can be won as investors.

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Advantages for Thomas

Standardization & faster processing

The optimization takes place through the digitization of business processes using SimplyTokenized. In addition, the use of tokenized securities significantly increases and simplifies the speed of transactions.

Risk minimization

SimplyTokenized advises on alternative financing so that, in the case of small-scale financing, sustainable and organic growth is possible for companies and the risk of implementation for developers is reduced.

Financing efficiency & community activities

SimplyTokenized supports the integration of small-scale investments and creates more efficient overall financing. This enables new international investor groups to be addressed.

Start your financing planning and create your real estate token now!

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