From like to token

Your own ecosystem expresses your interests match with your company or your product through a "Like". The aim of SimplyTokenized is to use the commitment of your community, to increase it and to bind it even more strongly to your company.

The non-financial additional benefit in addition to the financing, your community, makes you resilient. This means that the community activities open up new and smaller access to new investor target groups and thus your community can become your investors.

The community as a funding vehicle is your path to becoming a hero of the future. Your individual financing concept from SimplyTokenized gives you financial freedom, great independence, entrepreneurial resilience and makes you a self-determined entrepreneur.

What is the blockchain?


For tokens, a blockchain is a decentralized register in which digital transactions are stored without intermediaries (based on distributed ledger technology). Due to its decentralization, blockchain technology offers reliability and protection against forgery.


The blockchain allows easier manageability of globally existing illiquid assets through tokenization or denominations on the blockchain as a virtual unit (token). Rights linked to this unit are stored and administered on the blockchain.


Blockchain technology creates a basis of trust with which digital assets can be optimally transferred, stored and secured. In addition, intrinsic value, ownership, rights and obligations can be digitally and transparently mapped and cannot be changed.

General basic information

  • What potential does the blockchain have?
  • How is Guiding Innovators GmbH related to SimplyTokenized GmbH?
  • What is the legal and tax framework of STOs? + Practical examples
  • Which form of financing do I use at which point of time?
  • What will be possible through tokenization?
  • What does SimplyTokenized do?
This video is a compilation of the TPA video on the topic: The Future – Real Estate Financing, Blockchain and Tokenization from February 25, 2021.
The original video can be found under the following link:

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Our forms of financing

Together with our partners, we develop individual token products that can be used on the platform.  

Token GmbH

We as SimplyTokenized have developed the Token GmbH model together with our partners, Stadler Völkel, Prodinger and TPA.

Token venture loan

With our partners Stadler Völkel and TPA we have developed the token venture loan model.

Start your financing planning and create your token now!

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