Peter, 52 *CEO at Transformationsmanager
would like to mobilize his community via a token and involve it in the organizational development.

Problem: The active involvement of one's own ecosystem (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) is associated with a lot of effort.

Problem: Innovative business models require new forms of financing. Regulatory requirements (Basel II + Basel III) prevent companies from centralized financing.

Problem: Switching to the sharing economy is associated with a high level of effort and risk.

Goals of the entrepreneurs
and the SimplyTokenized solutions


Implementation of small-scale engagement programs

Solution: With a token, engagement programs such as employee participation or bonus programs can be implemented transparently.


Involvement of your own community through alternative forms of financing

Solution: Through tokenization, forms of financing "simply" adapted to organizational development can be developed.


Continuous introduction of new business models of the sharing economy

Solution: With the all-in-one solution from Simply Tokenized, the community is involved right from the start in order to jointly support new business models.

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Advantages for Peter

Efficiency increase

Greater added value is possible through closer connection and integration of your business environment.

Additional form of financing

SimplyTokenized enables a new, alternative form of financing that ensures resilient, agile and independent development for companies.

New business models

Blockchain technology enables new products and services, which in turn open up new business models and access to new markets.

Start your financing planning and create your token now!

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