Florian, 31 *founder and CEO
wants to take the next development steps for his startup

Problem: The development costs a lot of money and liquidity is the company's core challenge.

Problem: Florian's company has to bear the risk of the investment all by itself.

Problem: External, classic financing means a lot of administrative effort and leads to a loss of focus with regard to corporate development.

Objectives of founders
and the SimplyTokenized solutions


Organic & resilient financing

Solution: The non-financial additional benefit makes you resilient. In addition to targeted funding, this means using your community's commitment, increasing it and retaining it even more.


Specific funding allocation

Solution: SimplyTokenized enables you to have exact, targeted financing, reflects the importance of the respective financing and puts the "Purpose" at the center.


Effective, fast & "simply" concept

Solution: SimplyTokenized enables you to reduce the administrative costs of financing, which makes completely new forms of financing possible.

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Advantages for Florian

Financing security

SimplyTokenized generates your token and thus enables small-scale financing. We cover all financing steps so that your company can concentrate on the essentials.

Risk minimization

SimplyTokenized advises on alternative financings so that sustainable and organic growth for companies is enabled and the risk is reduced in the case of small-scale financings.

Cost efficiency & transparency

Financing costs can be structured more efficiently with alternative financing models and are therefore lower. In addition, the actual financing process and the actual transaction are completely transparent.

Start your financing planning
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