Thomas, 54 * hotelier
needs capital to expand his business.

Problem: Ongoing financial investments are necessary in order to be able to offer new attractions.

Problem: A too high debt capital ratio means a high entrepreneurial risk.

Problem: More customers are necessary in order to be able to organize the business expansion profitably. Regular customers are enthusiastic about the business expansion but cannot participate in the implementation.

Objectives of entrepreneurs
and the SimplyTokenized solutions


Financing through add. equity capital

Solution: Simply Tokenized involves the existing customers in the implementation of the business ideas in order to spread the risk of implementing the business model.


Simpler & less bureaucratic financing

Solution: The development of business expansion is supported by involving the community (regular customers, etc.).


Reaching new customer groups

Solution: The financing of Simply Tokenized also represents a marketing tool to bind existing customers more closely to the company and to acquire new customers.

Your SimplyTokenized Canvas

Advantages for Thomas

Alternative form of financing to implement innovation

Alternative forms of financing can be individually adapted and thus also used for business expansions. The small-scale structure means that new target groups such as customers, suppliers, etc. can be included in the financing.

The direct & indirect financing costs are lower

By "simply" we mean that the tokenization allows the direct financing costs and the indirect setup costs to be combined and thus reduced.

Achievement of new target groups & loyalty of regular customers

Simplytokenized makes it easy to involve regular customers in business expansions. The expansion of the business field enables a broader target group approach (customers, suppliers, etc.)

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